How Do I Become an Exchange Student?

So you want to become a Rotary Youth Exchange Program student! What next you ask? Read on.

The program is open to current secondary students, aged between 15 and 18 years of age (at the date of departure (mid-January in each year). Some countries may have lower age limits.

What do you need to do?  Complete the initial application form to register your interest. All suitable applicants will be then invited to attend the Interview weekend. Parents are also interviewed by the District 9630 Youth Exchange Program Committee during this weekend. If you are a successful applicant following the interview weekend you will progress to the next round of the selection process.  A Rotary Clubs must agree to sponsor you as an outbound student.

The official application form that you will complete as a prospective outbound student asks for the following information:

  • General information about you e.g. name and date of birth
  • Personal information including siblings, secondary school information, language ability
  • A student letter introducing yourself
  • A parent letter
  • Photos of your family, a special interest, something important to you and your home
  • Principal’s report
  • Medical and dental reports
  • Endorsement of sponsoring Rotary club and district
  • Guarantee form signed by applicant and parents
  • Parental/guardian release form

How are you prepared for going on exchange?

The District 9630 Youth Exchange Program Committee provides training for all outbound students. We have a great time on camp helping you to develop skills and knowledge in public speaking,  cultural awareness, emotional intelligence and problem solving to help you when you are on exchange. Parents are required to attend selected sessions – the more they know, the more they can help you!


  • February – March: Initial applications close with Rotary clubs and the District Youth Exchange Program Committee
  • May: All applicants attend the interview weekend to be interviewed by the committee.
  • June: Application forms of successful students at interview, that have a nominated sponsor club, will be forwarded to overseas Rotary Districts to be shared with clubs.
  • July – December: Training programs for the selected students continue.
  • January: Students depart for exchange.

*Exact dates to be advised in the YEP calendar.

Endorsement of the application by an overseas District can occur at any date during the period of August to November. Only then are you considered to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Program Student.